Quaestus Aeternam


Ship Name: Quaestus Aeternam
Owner: Pall Dynasty
Hull: Iconoclast Destroyer
Class: Raider
Hull Stats
Hull Integrity: Armour: Speed: Maneuverability: Detection:
28 / 28 14 10 + 20 + 25
Space: Power: Crew Rating: Crew %: Morale:
0 / 32 5 / 45 40 100 / 100 98 / 98
Prow: Port: Starboard: Dorsal: Keel: Turret Rating: Voidshields:
2 1 1
Core Components
Component Type Name Space Power SP Special
Auger Array: Deep Void Auger 0 5 +10 Ship Detection
Bridge: Combat Bridge 1 1 +10 to Tech-use to repair ship
Crew Quarters: Pressed Crew Quarters 2 1 Increase Morale Losses by 1.
Gellar Field: Mezoa-Gellar Void Integrant 0 0 +5 on all Warp Encounters
Life Sustainer: Mark 1.r Life Sustainer 1 3 Reduce Morale by 2
Plasma Drive: Modified Jovian Class 2 Drive 6 45*
Void Shields: Single Void-Shield Array 1 5
Warp Drive: Best Markov 1 Warp Engine 11 11 Reduce warp travel by 1d5 weeks
Weapon Type Name Damage Range Crit Rating Str Location Special
Macro-battery: Best Staravar Laser Macrobattery 1d10+2 12 3 3 Dorsal
Macro-battery: Best Staravar Laser Macrobattery 1d10+2 12 3 3 Dorsal
Supplemental Components and Upgrades
Type Name Space Power SP Special
Component Runecaster 1 0 +20 to all navigation tests, Warp travel time halved
Component Warp Sextant 1 5 +20 to all Navigation checks in the Warp.
Upgrade Crack Crew Crew skill level increased to 40
Weapon Best Staravar Laser Macrobattery 4 4 Archeotech
Weapon Best Staravar Laser Macrobattery 4 4 Archeotech
Buffs / Debuffs
Name Source Effect
Blasphemous Tendancies Machine Spirit Oddities +15 to navigation (Warp) tests, -5 to all Willpower tests while on-board.
Xenophilous Past Histories Tech-use to repair ship get -30. If using Forbidden Lore (Xenos), -10 instead
Planet-bound for Millenia Background Package +10 Maneuverability within 5 VUs of a planet, +
Easy to Repair Iconoclast Destroyer Hull +2 to Hull Repaired each time the hull is repaired successfully
Poorly Tuned Mezoa Geller Void Integrant +5 to warp encounter rolls, if Shield is damaged, so is Gellar Field.
Overcharged Best Markov 1 Warp Engine Reduce travel time by 1d5 weeks.
Damage Control Combat Bridge Tech-Use to repair gets +10
Stale Air Mark 1.r Life Sustainer Morale losses increased by 1
True Path Warp Sextant +20 to all Navigation (Warp) tests
Eye of the Warp Runecaster +20 to all Navigation (Warp) tests

External Appearance

((Among other things, see below))

Length Width Height
1.5 km 0.4 km 0.4 m
Weight Density Age
6.1 Megatonnes X X

Internal Appearance

Known Locations

VIPs and NPCs

Voidmen: Servitors: Xenos:
20,000 10,000 0?


Origins and Christening

Past Personages and Deeds

Current Captain and Crew

Quaestus Aeternam

Rogue Grader: Manu Aeternitatis George_Corser George_Corser