Type: Space-Craft
Tactical Speed: 2,000 kph / 5 VUs per turn
Maneuverability +0
Structural Integrity 45
Size Massive
Armor Front 40, Side 35, Rear 30
Crew Pilot, Co-Pilot (Optional), Tech-Priest Enginseer, 2 Gunners, up to 25 Passengers

Ranged Weapons:

Name: Class Damage Type Pen: Range ROF Clip Reload Special
2 Pilot-Operated Long-barrelled Auto-Cannons Heavy 4d10+5 I Pen 4 450 m S/2/5 500 2Full Cannot Jam, +10 to hit
2 Gunner-Operated Best Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters Heavy 2d10 X Pen 5 120 m //10 400 3Full Cannot Jam, +10 to hit, Twin-Linked, Tearing

Special Rules
Spacecraft: May exit atmosphere, while in atmosphere it may operate as a skimmer or flyer.
Pilot-Operated Linked Weapons: May fire on 2 targets in the fore arc as a single action, or may fire on target the same target twice (roll separately).
Reinforced Hull: When this vehicle takes a critical, halve the result rounding up.


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