Sarvus Quinn

Brandon's Seneschal

Class: Seneschal
Rank: 1
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 5500 / 0
Titles and Honorifics X
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
35 39 35 36 39 46 43 27 54
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
7 / 7 3 / 3 5 22
Skills: Barter; Commerce; Comon Lore (Underworld); Deceive; Evaluate; Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Xenos, Heresy); Inquiry; Literacy; Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic, Trader’s Cant); Disguise
Talents Weapon Training (Basic Universal, Pistol Universal); Peer (The Insane, Underworld, Nobility, Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum); Decadence; Light Sleeper; Jaded; Resistance (Fear)
Traits X
Psykic Powers X
Cybernetics Best Twitch-mask
Mutations X
Permanent Wounds X
Gear Xeno-Mesh Armour, Dataslate, Autoquill, Microbead, Multikey, Robes (2), Synskin, Chrono, Cameleoline Cloak, Common-crafted inferno-pistol, Best-crafted hellgun
Weapons X
Armour X
Mental Traumas X
Malignancies X


Name Weight Location
Micro-bead 0 kg Ear-peice
Best Pulse Rifle 0 kg Equipped
Pulse Rifle Ammo (10 clips) 0 kg Storage
Micro-bead 0 kg Ear-peice

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Noble-born Vaunted Tainted (Insane) Beyond the Pale Fear (Tormented by the Unspeakable) Of Extensive Means (Far-Reaching Contacts)

XP Expenditures:

XP Cost Type Name Source
100 Origin Beyond the Pale Trials
200 Origin Fear (Tormented) Motivation
300 Origin Of Extensive Means (Contacts) Lineage
100 Characteristic Advance Fel. (Simple) Characteristic Advance
100 Characteristic Advance Perc. (Simple) Characteristic Advance
100 Characteristic Advance Int. (Simple) Characteristic Advance
100 Skill Deceive Rank 1

Personal Appearance

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Height: Weight: Build:
5’8" 165 Athletic
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Black Medium Thick and Wavy
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Caucasian Flawless – Few Scarring X

Clothing Appearance:
Sarvus wears clean noble style clothing, while in his chamber he prefers to lounge around and wear fine robes.

Equipment Appearance:


Sarvus Quinn

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