Sean's Arch-Militant

Class: Arch-Militant
Rank: 1
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 5500 / 0
Titles and Honorifics Sir / Lady; Commodore; Lieutenant; Sargent; High Pontiff; etc
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
41 53 46 (66) 45 42 37 40 32 24
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
12 / 12 2 / 2 0 3
Skills: Awareness; Common Lore (War); Dodge; Intimidate ; Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis); Secret Tongue (Millitary, Rogue Trader); Speak Language (Low-Gothic); Survival)
Talents Quick Draw; Jaded; Weapon Training (Primitive, Pistol Universal, Basic Universal, Heavy Bolter, Melee Universal, Thrown); Hatred (Ork); Nerves of Steel; Talented (Intimidate) ;
Traits (None)
Psykic Powers (None)
Cybernetics MIU Weapon Interface;
Mutations None
Permanent Wounds None
Gear See Inventory
Weapons Best Long-las; Good Great Mono-axe
Armour Best Power-Armour
Mental Traumas None
Malignancies None


Name Weight Location
Micro-bead 0 kg Earpiece
Void-Suit ? kg Storage or Worn
Enforcer Light Carapace ? kg Storage or Worn
Bolt-shell Keepsake 0 kg Storage or Necklass
Medicae Pack ? kg Backpack or Utility Belt
Stim Packs (3) ? kg Medicae Pack
Manacles 0 kg Backpack or Utility Belt

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Deathworld Stubjack Call of War Hand of War Thrill of War (none)

XP Expenditures:

XP Cost Type Name Source

Personal Appearance

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Height: Weight: Build:
X " or Y cm X lbs or Y kg Adjective
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Color X " or Y cm Texture, Smell, Etc
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
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Clothing Appearance:

Equipment Appearance:


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Young Adulthood


Current Mindset and Goals


Rogue Grader: Manu Aeternitatis George_Corser George_Corser