Ajunta Pall

Zach B's Rogue Trader

Class: Rogue Trader
Rank: 1
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 5300 / 200
Titles and Honorifics None, Yet
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
39 39 39 42 39 41 37 43 39
Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
12 / 12 4 / 4 0 0
Type: Name Bonuses
Skill: Charm (Fel) +3 Trained
Skill: Ciphers (Int) +4 (Rogue Trader) Trained
Skill: Common Lore (Int) +4 (Imperium) Trained
Skill: Common Lore (Int) +4 (Rogue Trader) Trained
Skill: Evaluate (Int) +4 Trained
Skill: Inquiry (Fel) +3 Trained
Skill: Literacy (Int) +4 Trained
Skill: Navigation (Intl) +4 (Stellar) Basic
Skill: Pilot (Ag) +3 (Spacecraft) Trained
Skill: Scholastic Lore (Int) +4 (Astromancy) Trained
Skill: Secret Tongue (Int) +4 (Rogue Trader) Trained
Skill: Speak Language (Int) +4 (High + Low Gothic) Trained
Skill: Speak Language (Int) +4 (Trader’s Cant) Trained

Backgrounds, Talents and Traits:

Talent Peer (Military) Gain +10 bonus on Fel Tests to interact with organisation.
Talent Peer (Adeptus Arbites) Gain +10 bonus on Fel Tests to interact with organisation.
Talent Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) Gain +10 bonus on Fel Tests to interact with organisation.
Talent Peer (Astropaths) Gain +10 bonus on Fel Tests to interact with organisation.
Talent Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Talent Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Talent Enemy (Crime Baron)
Trait Air of Authority The Explorer was born to command, either motivating or
terrifying those under his charge. On a successful Command
Test, the Explorer may affect a number of targets equal to
1d10 plus his Fellowship Bonus. This talent has no effect on
hostile targets, and only affects NPCs.
Trait Unshakeable Faith reroll failed fear saves
Trait Jaded The Explorer’s wide travels have shown both wonders and
horrors beyond the ken of most. The galaxy has thrown its
worst at him and he has yet to flinch. Outrageous events, from
death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, will not cause
Insanity Points or Fear Tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect
the character normally.


Cybernetics X
Mutations X
Permanent Wounds X
Gear Micro Bead
Gear Void Suit
Gear Xeno Pelt Cloak
Gear Set of Fine Clothing

Ranged Weapons:

Name: Class Damage Type Pen: Range ROF Clip Reload Special
Name: X Xd10+X X Pen X X m S/X/X X Half, Full? -
Best Laspistol Pistol 1d10 E Pen 7 30 m S/-/- 30 Full Cannot jam, +10 hit, +1damage

Melee Weapons:

Name: Class Damage Type Pen: Special
Name: Class Xd10+X Type Pen:
Best MonoSword Melee 1d10 I Pen 2 Balanced, +10 to hit
Best Powersword Melee 1d10 + 6 I Pen 5 Balanced, +10 to hit, +10 to parry (Power Field) 75% chance to break parried weapon


Name: AP Locations *Weight (kg) * Special
Name: X All? X kg -
Best Stormtrooper Carapace Armor 7 Arms, Legs, Body 7.5 kg
Best Xenomesh Hood 7 Head .5 kg
Acquisitions Gun Cutter (Attack Transport Spacecraft)
Mental Traumas X
Malignancies X


Name Weight Location
0 0 0


Name: Details

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Void-Born Child of the Creed Criminal High Vendetta Renown [none]

XP Expenditures:

XP Cost Type Name Source
100 Skill Common Lore (Rogue Trader) Rogue Trader, Rank 1
100 Skill Ciphers (Rogue Trader) Rogue Trader, Rank 1
100 Skill Pilot (Space Craft) Rogue Trader, Rank 1
100 Skill Speak Language (Trader’s Cant) Rogue Trader, Rank 1
100 Skill Charm Rogue Trader, Rank 1
100 Skill Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) Rogue Trader, Rank 1
100 Skill Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) Rogue Trader, Rank 1

Personal Appearance

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Height: Weight: Build:
7 " 230 lbs Fit and Muscular
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Light Chest nut 3’ Thick
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Slightly Tanned Smooth Scarred across the chest

Clothing Appearance:
My Clothing are Elegant but utilitarian, golden shoulder pads, a deep crimson cloth with my family’s crest emblazoned on the left above a pocket. Devoid of military rankings or markings but military in style. It is form fitting and does not restrict my movements in the least.

As a child born aboard the Wayward Scion a magnificent Lunar class cruiser that is the flagship of my families’ fleet. I was taught at a young age by my family the lifestyle, languages of trading, and the imperium. As a child I was curious about the warp and always investigated the astropath’s and navigators quarters never shirking from displays of warp power.

Young Adulthood
As I grew older I became more independent and attempted to start getting my contacts both in the righteous and benighted of society. While brokering a deal, a local crime baron connected with a powerful crime syndicate insulted my family.I killed him and his retinue on the spot, claiming the bounty on his head at the local Arbites office.

I for a time was given to lliason with our family’s contacts in the Imperial Navy, quickly building up a rapport and skills in commanding, piloting, and weaponry. I also developed contacts in the Adeptus Mechanicus by accompanying them and providing them escorts on a few missions, giving ample opportunity to acquire both my power sword and modified gun cutter from them. Legitimately, of course.

Current Mindset and Goals
I am currently accompanying my uncle as he goes about his business to finish both my teaching and to gain some useful insight into how to apply my connections properly. After doing so I wish to strike out on my own and continue my family’s glorious legacy and usurp the two ruling families in the Koronus Expanse, Winterscale and Chorda.

Ajunta Pall

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