House Rules

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This contains rules that are NOT referenced in the books, that this game will be using.

The Emperor’s Limitless Fury!: All natural damage rolls of 10 by PCs automatically invoke Emperor’s Fury, and grant an extra damage die (does not count as an extra hit, just extra damage on that 1 hit)

The Emperor’s Finest: During character creation, while generating characteristics, roll 3d10. Drop the lowest roll, and add 25. Roll 9 times, and assign one value to each characteristic.

A Diversity of Roots: During character creation, while working the Origin Path, you may select any option from the category you are working, without regard to your previous or future choice. See me if you have questions on this.

Only the Mighty Shall Lead: At the end of character creation, gain an additional 500 XP to spend on your class (NOT character-creation specific), and an additional personal Acquisition of (Near Unique) or less. This brings the XP on your starting character sheet to 5,500. If you create a character after session 1, or have questions about how to spend the bonus 500 XP, see me.

This list may be incomplete, or be added to at a moments notice. Remember: Where the book and the Gamemaster disagree, the rule of cool wins. we should all try not to abuse that. ~ George

House Rules

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