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Playing Online:

RPGTools : This set of tools allows you, for free, to display a tabletop of any size (with a scrolling feature), uses a Token system to track player position, stats, and so on. Add in Wolph42’s Warhammer 40k Framework , which automates a lot of the dice rolling, and it’s a solid system. The Framework does require a bit from your computer.

Fantasy Grounds 2 : A pay to use, but user-friendly interface for hosting online. I do like their 3d rendered ‘throw-able’ dice, which allows you to feel less like a random generator button and more like “it could roll to another number any moment!” Runs about 40$ per player, or 150 for the DM to get a “super-pass” which allows anyone to connect to him with the trial version. There are Modules in this frameworks which track character sheets and do some automation, but there is yet to be a solid W40K Rogue Trader one. There’s a Dark Heresy one, but that means you dont get ship sheets, colony sheets, Xeno sheets, etc.

Skype : Free to use conference calls, voice over Internet. There is also a DICE ROLLING PLUG IN, for those who prefer to play in the Mind’s Eye (i.e.; imagination)

Obsidian Portal : Free to use tool to store and manage character sheets and more online. In August 2013, it will get a face lift from a Kickstarter campaign that was successful. This allows participation in the campaign to go beyond Game Days, allowing for forums to discuss, characters to be viewed, and so on, without direct constant oversight by the GM.

Other good resources:

Into the Maw: Or how I became incredibly wealthy : An excellent read, a 60 page long forum detailing the epic story of a Rogue Trader with more guts and creativity than the rest of humanity combined and his truely sensational Dread Explorator, this gives you an idea of how awesome Rogue Trader can be.

Hitting the Machine Spirits Hard : Another excellent group of gamers, showing how Fantasy Ground can work with a campaign. They start off as a group of strangers playing a new tool out of boredom. They end up as a fun group to watch play. Favorite Episode? The one with the SURPRISE DREADNAUGHT!

The Warhammer 40k Reference Tools : Includes a Bestiary, with the names, affiliations, and source book location of each and every enemy printed in the W40K Roleplay books, from Dark Heresy through Only War. Match that with it’s growing Armoury, a full Library including links to just about all the free Web Supplements for all the books, and not to mention it’s own recommendations for online resources, this site makes starting your own campaign much easier.

The W40K RP Wiki : A compilation of information relating specifically to W40K RP, from Dark Heresy to Only War.

Lexicanum : The unofficial Warhammer 40k Encyclopedia. A good resource for understanding the greater Warhammer 40k Setting.

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