Katie's Navigator

Katie's Navigator

Class: Navigator
Rank: 1
Elite Packages / Classes: X
XP Spent / Unspent 5450 / 50
Titles and Honorifics None, yet.

Ability Scores

WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:
43 29 35 40 36 40 56 42 42

Core Stats

Wounds: Fate: CP: IP:
12 / 12 2 / 2 2 0

Basic Skills

Type: Name Bonuses
Skill: Awareness (Per) Trained
Skill: Barter (Fel Basic
Skill: Carouse (T) Basic
Skill: Charm (Fel) Basic
Skill: Climb (S) Basic
Skill: Command (Fel) Basic
Skill: Concealment (Ag) Basic
Skill: Contortionist (Ag) Basic
Skill: Disguise (Fel) Basic
Skill: Dodge (Ag) Basic
Skill: Evaluate (Int) Basic
Skill: Gamble (Int) Basic
Skill: Inquiry (Fel) Basic
Skill: Intimidate (S) Basic
Skill: Logic (Int) Basic
Skill: Scrutiny (Per) Basic
Skill: Search (Per) Basic
Skill: Silent Move (Ag) Basic
Skill: Swim (S) Basic

Advanced Skills

Skill: Ciphers (Navis Nobilite) (Int) Trained
Skill: Common Lore (Navis Nobilite) (Int) Trained
Skill: Forbidden Lore (Navigators) (Int) Trained
Skill: Forbidden Lore (Warp) (Int) Trained
Skill: Literacy (Int) Trained
Skill: Navigation (Stellar) (Int) Trained
Skill: Navigation (Warp) (Int) Trained
Skill: Psyniscience (Per) Trained
Skill: Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int) Trained
Skill: Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int) Trained
Skill: Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Trained
Skill: Trade (Astrographer) (Int) Trained

Backgrounds, Talents and Traits:

Type: Name Bonuses
Backgrounds X X
Backgrounds Etiquette +10 to Interaction tests when in formal settings
Backgrounds Navigator: Renegade (1) +10 to tests with 3 preferred powers, -10 to tests to resist said powers.
Backgrounds Navigator: Renegade (2) Tests to resist mutation do not gain the normal +10 bonus.
Backgrounds Vendetta Your Navis house has enemies, due to their Renegade status…
Talents Hardy Heal faster (as if lightly wounded)
Talents Light Sleeper Count as awake for all Awareness tests.
Talents Navigator You have a warp eye.
Talents Peer (Nobility) +10 on interaction tests with (X)
Talents Peer (Navis Nobilite) +10 on interaction tests with (X)
Talents Quick Draw Equipping weapons is a free action
Talents Sound Constitution (1) Increase your Wounds by (X)
Talents Talented (Psyniscience) +10 to tests with (X)
Talents Weapon Training (Pistol Universal) Use of all non-exotic Pistol weapons

Permanent Effects:

Type: Name Effects
Mutation Navigator: Unnatural Presence -10 to positive Interaction tests, +10 to intimidation and fear tests.
Mutation Navigator: Pale and Hairless Flesh No hair, marble-white skin.


Ranged Weapons:

Name: Class Damage Type Pen: Range ROF Clip Reload Special
Name: X Xd10+X X Pen X X m S/X/X X Half, Full? -
Best Hellpistol Pistol 1d10+4 E Pen 7 35 m S/2/- 40 2Full Cannot jam

Melee Weapons:

Name: Class Damage Type Pen: Special
Name: Class Xd10+X Type Pen:
Best Monostaff Melee 1d10 I Pen 2 Balanced, +10 to hit


Name: AP Locations *Weight (kg) * Special
Name: X All? X kg -
Best Xenomesh Armor 4 Arms, Legs, Body 1 kg
Best Xenomesh Hood 4 Head 1 kg


Name: Location *Weight (kg) * Special
Name: X X kg -
Emperor’s Tarot Deck X X kg A game of fate?
Silk Headscarf X X kg Very fasionable, may hide Warp Eye.
Charm X X kg Lucky?
Micro-bead X X kg Used to remotely contact nearby allies


Name: Special

Navigator power:

Power Rank Effect
Lidless Stare Novice Standard Action: Roll Opposed Willpower with anyone in line of sight. Each opponent who lost takes 1d10+WP E ignoring armor and toughness, and are stunned for 1 round. All use of power inflicts 1 fatigue on user.
Held in my Gaze Novice Standard action: Choose target in (20m*Per), and roll opposed willpower. If Navigator passes, for as long as Navigator does not use other navigator powers or break line of sight, target cannot use Psychic Power or invoke the Daemonic Presence trait. Daemons take 1 extra point of warp instability.
Void Watcher Novice Free Action: May roll scrutiny or awareness to identify large objects at long range. I.E., ships in running silent, asteroids, stations, large planetary structures or cities. Range = (1VU*Per)
Special: Lidless Stare, Held in my Gaze, Void Watcher Renegade origin allows Navigator to get +10 in rolls for 3 powers.


Name: Details

Origin Path:

Homeworld Birthright Lure Trials Motivation Lineage
Noble Born Stubjack Duty (Humanity) Calamity Prestige Navigator: Renegade House

XP Expenditures:

XP Cost Type Name Source
100 Skill Awareness Navigator, Rank 1
100 Skill Ciphers (Navigator) Navigator, Rank 1
100 Characteristic Willpower (Simple) Navigator Characteristic
350 Characteristic Perception (Simple, Intermediate) Navigator Characteristic
200 Talent Sound Constitution Navigator, Rank 1
100 Skill Trade (Astrographer) Navigator, Rank 1

Personal Appearance

((If you can, choose a portrait that follows your description, or vice-versa))

Height: Weight: Build:
X " or Y cm X lbs or Y kg Adjective
Hair Color: Hair Length: Hair Attributes:
Color X " or Y cm Texture, Smell, Etc
Skin Tone: Skin Texture: Skin Attributes:
Dark, Light, etc Smooth, etc Scaly, etc

Clothing Appearance:

Equipment Appearance:


((You may follow your Origin Path if you find yourself lacking direction or inspiration. That’s what it’s there for))


Young Adulthood


Current Mindset and Goals

Katie's Navigator

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